Alba Iulia, Roman Festival

Roman Festival of Apulum
Festivalul Roman Apulum
27.04 - 01.05.2018
Alba Iulia (Alba County)


A time-travel back to the glory of the ancient Rome and the Dacia Felix in a charming diamond shaped citadel enclosing the heritage of several centuries of history within its imposing walls...

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The Event

The Roman Festival of Apulum is dedicated to the Roman patrimony of Alba Iulia (the modern city which overlaps the ancient Apulum). Some parts of the Roman castrum are still visible for the tourists. Apulum was the largest city of the province Dacia during the Roman occupation (106-271 AD), its military and economic center. Organized each year in the first full weekend of May, the Festival gathers 200-250 reenactors, focusing especially the first half of the 2nd Century. For two days (Saturday and Sunday), in the middle of the Alba Iulia's historical center, gladiatorial games are organized, presentations of the participating troops, workshops and the "Final Battle" where all the troops are present.

The Programme

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Info & Contact

Location: Fortress Alba Carolina, Alba Iulia, Alba County, Romania

Association/organization name: Alba Iulia City Hall (Primaria Alba Iulia); The Cultural Association for Living History (Asociatia Culturala pentru Istorie Vie)

Festivalul Roman Apulum
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The Cultural Association for Living History
Address: str. Brandusei, 47A, Alba Iulia, Romania
Tel.: +40 724072655

Alba Iulia City Council / Primăria municipiului Alba Iulia
Address: Calea Moților nr. 5°, Alba Iulia, Romania
Tel.: +40 0258 819462 int. 212

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