Aggstein, Medieval Festival

Medieval Festival Aggstein
Mittelalterfest Aggstein
Burg Aggstein, Schönbühel-Aggsbach (Lower Austria state)


a weekend to relive the glory days of a mighty Austrian castle nestled in the beautiful and romantic Wachau valley, a charming and family-friendly event to rediscover the lights and clours of the European Middle Ages.

Geographical, cultural and historical context

The ruins of Aggstein are the remnants of a 12th century castle built at about 300 meters altitude above the right bank of the Danube river in the beautiful and picturesque Wachau valley, a stretch of the Danube Valley between Melk and Krems. The territory, one of the most prominent tourist destination in Austria, is also inscribed in the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites thank its outstanding architectural and natural heritage rich in ancient monasteries, and castles, charming towns and villages, flourishing vineyards and cultivated fields. Aggstein castle was probably built at the beginning of the 12th century by Manegold III of Acchispach (Aggsbach), and got the actual layout about three centuries later. In 1181, it came into the possession of the Kuenring family of Aggsbach-Gansbach. In 1230/1 the castle was besieged and conquered during the uprising led by Hadmar III and his vassals against Frederick II (1211-1246, Duke of Austria and Styria from 1230 until his death). Boldly placed on the top of a narrow ridge, the castle allowed its various owners to control the transit traffic on the Danube river over centuries.

Event description and programme

The ruins of the Aggstein castle become the set for a magical journey in the Middle Ages with many historical characters in faithful period dresses. The scenario conceived by the organizers changes every year according to a well designed and documented plot based on the local and european medieval history. The visitors will have a unique chance to meet several historical characters, such as maidens, knights, merchants, crusaders, craftsmen and jesters among the others, in their usual environment, as markets, stalls, military camps, and also to get a deep insight into the medieval daily life enjoying food and drinks prepared according recipes of the period, puppetry, magic shows and a carousel of tyical past times of the period. The programme includes as well battle reenactments, knightly tournaments, guided tours at the castle ruins, crafts workshops and many other leisure and educational activities for children and adults. Headline of the event is the great medieval fest with music, dances, shows with fire-eaters and jugglers and a real banquet in medieval style.

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Info & Contact

Burgruine Aggstein
Adrress: 3642 Aggsbach Dorf, A-3392 Schönbühel a.d. Donau, Austria
Tel.: +43 02753 8228-1 | Fax: +43 02753 8228-4

Image: Burgruine Aggstein
Text: Burgruine Aggstein, Wikipedia, Austrian National Tourist Office, Vienna Tourist Board, Donau Niederösterreich Tourismus GmbH

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