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"A picture is worth a thousand words"

 Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), French military and political leader and Emperor


Welcome! Thank you for visiting the Emotional galleries section on Historia Vivens Web, featuring photo and video galleries of various themes: historical events, history, culture, nature, folk feasts and fantasy. A special place is devoted to the reenactment initiatives and representations of the different historical periods, as well as to some historical and archaeological projects. You will find a selection of pictures shot by our team and devoted to Living History, Folklore, Heritage and Nature in Europe, as well as hosted photogalleries with images by other amateur or professional photographers.

Finally you can also find a selection of interesting and nice videos about different topics that are provided by YouTube and Vimeo and republished on this website for informational and educational purposes only. Please note that the videos are generally posted in their original size, so you don't need to click the "open in YouTube/Vimeo" function all the time.

The images sometimes speak louder than words, so let's them speak... We wish you a pleasant surfing, and hope you will like the contents.

This section is constantly evolving and new slideshows and videos will be added soon. Please check back frequently for the last updates.

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