Andelos, Roman Festival

Roman Festival in Andelos
Festival Romano de Andelos
Mendigorria - Andelos (Navarra autonomous community)


An unforgettable weekend in Mendigorria to step back into the glory of the Roman Empire reliving the daily life in the ancient city of Andelos 2000 years ago through living history displays, the exhibitions and activities of the Archaeological Museum of Andelos…


The Event

Mendigorria is located on a plateau on the right bank of the river Arga, south of Puente la Reina, a medieval town where the two main routes on the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago de Compostela converge, in the autonomous community of Navarre, in northern Spain. Nearby lie the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Andelos, testimonies of the prosperity of the Roman Empire in the area through the layouts and remains of its streets, houses, shops, thermal baths and foundations. The 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. were the period of the city's heyday witnessed by a major urban expansion and the construction of the exceptionally well preserved water supply system. Andelos remained inhabited until the Late Middle Ages, the chapel of Our Lady of Andión is the only element that still survives. Mendigorria went down in history for being the location of the Battle of Mendigorría, which was fought on July 16, 1835 during the First Carlist War (a civil war in Spain from 1833 to 1839 between Liberals and Carlists factions over the succession to the throne and the nature of the Spanish monarchy itself).

Every year in Summer the Roman Festival in Andelos is held in both the city of Mendigorria and the archeological site of Andelos to recreate the life of two thousand years ago and spread the local rich heritage. The festival offers an extensive programme of leisure and educational activities for adults and children, including historical parades, themed exhibitions, lectures, a wealth of living history displays and workshops, the Roman military camp, gladiator fights, military drills and manoeuvres of the legionaries, ancient theatre and music shows. Besides, the visitors can enjoy guided tours to the archaeological museum and sites. Finally, there is also a Roman market set up along the streets inviting the visitors to stroll among the thermopolium (a kind of bar where ready-to-eat food was sold), the pistrinum (mill), pharmacia (pharmacy), and the taberna pomaria, the ancient tavern, where to taste traditional and historical cuisine and enjoy the charm of a mouth-watering Roman banquet. Other environments and settings help to constantly evoke the history of the former Roman settlement.

The Programme

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