"Ever wise and always resourceful, History lives on in unexpected places and people."
Hargus Montgomery, novelist and explorer

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website! Historia Vivens (from Latin "historia", history, and "vivens", living) is a web project devoted to introduce and narrate the enchanting world of Living History, Open-air museums and Folklore with a special focus on Europe and its unique historical, archaeological, cultural and natural heritage.

Join us and see how History and Traditions become alive in a variety of historical festivals, local celebrations and folk customs thanks to Living History, Heritage Interpretation, Reenactment, and Experimental Archaeology practices. Let's enjoy together an immersive time travel experience that allows us not only to relive the daily atmosphere and life from different ages and countries, but also to reconnect with our cultural and spiritual roots.

Historia Vivens seeks to provide quality and accessible information through dedicated and varied web resources with the aim to help to further promote and enhance Living History and Heritage Tourism in Europe. We wish to contribute as well to raise the awareness of the public about the need to respect and preserve the unique wealth of the European folk traditions and cultural identities at risk of extinction. Diversity is Europe's essence and strength!

We hope you will enjoy this web-journey as a pleasant experience that would inspire you to go beyond the mere glare of the screen. The Heritage around and inside us, just like the life itself, is an amazing and endless adventure to live first-hand and experience with all our heart and senses. Thank you for your visit and interest!

Happy Autumn to You All!

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower" once said the French author and philosopher Albert Camus (1913–1960). Join us to discover the magic and the beauty of the golden Autumn season on our dedicated pages through images and tales, folk beliefs and traditions, secular and religious celebrations, living legends and memories and much more. Please click on the image to find out more. Thank you!

Heritage Tourism in Europe

Visit our HisTourism-Heritage Tourism section to discover a new way of travelling thanks to first-hand and live-in experiences of historic and archaeological sites, cultural and spiritual environments, visual and performing arts, local traditions and events, typical cuisine and products, people and memories, architecture and nature, and much more... Please click on the image to find out more. Thank you! 

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